Modifying our new home

Every day I am thankful for the opportunity not only to move into a bigger house in a fantastic school district, but also to be able to change that house a bit to fit our family’s needs. And especially Brenna’s needs.

Our new home is big enough for us to be able to convert one of the bedrooms into a bathroom especially for Brenna. The square footage won’t be the most impressive, but it will be hers, created only with her in mind.

The over-the-top features of my dream bath won’t be showing up in Brenna’s real bathroom (maybe someday we’ll add in a TV!), but the best parts will.

The MicroSilk tub has been ordered and is on the way, and I can’t wait to experience what other ichthyosis families have been raving about.

We are having a shortened toilet installed for her, so that she won’t struggle with climbing up onto a regular sized seat as a child.

Everything in her bathroom is white and easy to clean to minimize germs and hopefully reduce infection risk.

We’re getting a towel warmer to keep her nice and cozy after baths, since her skin cannot do that.

And her new closet will be a small walk-in, leaving ample space for us to store all of her towels, washcloths and other bath needs.

Closet on the front right, bathroom on the left

We’re also making some other changes that will work better for Brenna in our new home… things like putting laminate wood in her bedroom because it’s easy to clean and doesn’t harbor the dead skin flakes like carpet does, and things like changing out the door handles from the round knobs to the long handles, so that Brenna can actually get her little, slippery hands around them and open them herself.

I want this to be a home that works for all of us, and that means choosing function over style in many regards – choosing furniture pieces that clean easily and better hide Aquaphor stains, and picking a lighter laminate wood over solid dark pieces, so that it doesn’t show every single skin flake.

And it’s not only a Brenna thing, but a kid thing in general. Materials and colors that don’t show every tiny piece of lint or every little mark is always a good thing in a home that houses kids and that you hope will be filled with family and friends all the time.

And being able to choose these different aspects of our new home that aren’t huge but are intended to help our days go a little more smoothly and keep me a little more sane feels just like a dream.

Most of all, I am looking forward to building new feelings, experiences, and memories into this home… a home modified just for our family, filled with our love.

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    I love this! What a wonderful opportunity for you all and I am sure not only will it help you but Brenna will be so thankful for the personal accommodations! I am so excited to see it! :) have a wonderful week guys!

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    Such a joy to be able to design the space as you need it to be! My husband is disabled and we were able to re-design some areas of our home to be functional for him. A home is to be a haven for the whole family and shouldn’t be a bother or burden to anyone.

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