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Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Favorites: March 28

A round-up of some of my favorite moments, reads and other exciting things this week…

1. Today is the LAST day to grab my best-selling ebook, The Spaghetti Shots, for just $1.99! Tonight at midnight, the price will go back up to $4.99. Thank you all who have purchased it, I hope it is very helpful to you!

2. On that note, one of my blogger friends, Anne with Modern Mrs. Darcy, shared about my ebook today, along with some other photography resources she has enjoyed…so check out her post. And just follow her, because she's awesome…especially if you love books and reading.

3. A little gift from Evan arrived in the mail yesterday for me, and now I can continue my list-making and dream-creating endeavors even in the shower. (Which is actually where my best ideas seem to come to me, including the idea for my children's book.)

4. The Big Tube Wean is still rockin'…and I have much more to report than can be done with a mention on my favorite post. I would, however, love to hear a psychology analysis on this latest development…Brenna has been super attached to her feeding supplies - bottles, syringes, etc. She wants to hold them, take them to bed at nap time, snuggle them. Are we having some attachment issues?

5. We are big readers in our house, but lately, I've been struggling to find books that both kids enjoy at their different ages and stages. Connor has always been more on the advanced side of reading, whereas Brenna is maybe right on target for her age or a little behind. At Brenna's age, Connor was obsessed with Berenstain Bears books, while Brenna's favorite books at 27 months are Brown Bear, Brown Bear and other Eric Carle books. (I wonder if she was influenced by her first birthday party, because she could be president of the Eric Carle Fan Club…)

Currently, James Herriot's stories are big hits for both kids, with good story lines that Connor loves, and lots of animal pictures for Brenna. Many of the Usborne books have been great too, because they are educational but with vibrant and engaging pictures - Under the Sea is a favorite.

Any other suggestions out there??

Some favorite moments from the week… (if you follow me on instagram, you've probably already seen most of these. I'm getting to be quite the instagrammer these days.)

Who isn't happy with Elmo on your belly and a flower on your head?

School is on MWF…so Tuesday and Thursdays, we usually have much slower mornings with snuggles and Disney Junior.

She picks out her own outfits sometimes. And insisted on "BOW!" Looking pretty before church.

I told Connor his play-doh looked like tie-dye. Which then led to a lesson on what tie-dye is. And for the next 20 minutes, Brenna kept yelling out "DIE-DIE!"

Umm, you missed a spot...

Connor's solution to the Terrible Twos. I need a set of those myself...

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. the Sandra Boynton books are great! My kids love them from early on until they were about 4 or 5 because they were so silly. But Not the Hippopotomus was a HUGE hit in our house!

  2. My children have all loved Julia Donaldson books (The Gruffalo, The Gruffalo's child, Room on the Broom, The Highway Rat, and so on) because they have beautiful and repetitive rhymes that they can join in with e.g. "…There's no such thing as a Gruffalo." The Arthur books by Marc Brown have always been good, as were Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site by Rinker and Lichtenheld and their latest one which I can't remember. My 4 year old has also really got into Pete The Cat books (Kimberly and James Dean) - a lot of them also come with CDs with the book on song and he loves grooving along!
    ~ Rachel ~

  3. Congratulations on your recognition in today's paper !!

  4. I crochet and would love to make a hat for Brenna since they seem to be her #1 accessory. Can you tell me the circumference if her head and where I could send if? I promise to make it super soft and extra girly!


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