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Friday, February 14, 2014

Love is All You Need: 8 children's books about LOVE!

I love a good children's book about love. As kids grow and learn what it means to love and be loved, reading is a good way to help them discover those feelings, and books can be great reinforcement about how much children are loved by their parents, siblings and other family, friends and God.

Books about being loved also make wonderful gifts for a baby's arrival into the world!

We have quite a few books focused on love on our bookshelves, and here are some of our favorites (and keep reading because there's a giveaway at the end!):

1. I Love You, Stinky Face by Lisa McCourt. This book is worn out from all of the attention it has received since Connor was born. It's a personal favorite of mine and of his…and Brenna is now becoming a fan too! It's silly and captivating, with a wonderful message about unconditional love between parent and child.

2. Love is You & Me by Monica Sheehan. I can't say enough good things about this book! One of my favorite aspects is that the relationship between the two main characters can be interpreted however you want - a couple, two friends, siblings, etc. And it emphasizes that love is selfless and freeing - "love lets you be who you want to be!" It sets children up with a very healthy view of love.

3. Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney. This has become a huge favorite for both Brenna and Connor. They love to throw their arms up as high as they can when we ask "do you know how much I love you?!" :) In the book, the daddy bunny and his little bunny are trying to one-up each other to show much one loves the other. My favorite phrase is at the end: "I love you right up to the moon…and back."

4. The Invisible String by Patrice Karst. We were actually just given this book yesterday as a Valentine's gift from my parents, and it made my heart soar to read. In the book, a mother explains to her two children that we are never alone because we are always connected by an invisible string between our hearts. The string connects family members, best friends and even connects us to loved ones in heaven. It's a beautiful story - definitely a must-have for a child's bookshelf!

5. Love You Forever by Robert Munsch. I admit that I haven't read this book to my kids in a long, long time. Why? Because I seriously find myself in tears before I can get even halfway through it! :) This story is so touching, and I say the main phrase to my kids all the time: "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always…as long as I'm living, my baby you'll be." I'm feeling teary just thinking about it!

6. Just In Case You Ever Wonder by Max Lucado. This is a book that I think Connor is starting to understand at age 4, but it's a lovely story that details to a child how much mommy and daddy love him or her, and explains how wonderful God's love is and that we will all be together in a perfect heaven one day.

7. Wherever You Are: My Love Will Find You by Nancy Tillman. An almost magical story about how a mother's love is so powerful, it follows you wherever you go… It's a constant companion no matter what you're doing or where you are. I especially love the encouraging line, "So hold your head high and don't be afraid to march to the front of your own parade."

8. That's How You Know by Courtney Westlake. After some people asked me to put my book on my last list of books that celebrate differences, I decided that it would fit much better with this group of books about love! My book is all about God's love for us, and tells the story of the way God celebrated when we were born…and we just have to look around us at all of the beauty in this world to realize the strength of God's love for us!

And because today is Valentine's Day, I want to share the love with all of you!

I'm giving away 2 copies of my children's book today to one awesome follower - 1 for you to keep for your family and 1 for you to share with someone else, so you can spread the love too! :)

Just sign in to the Rafflecopter tool below, and there are several very simple ways you can enter to win!

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(Also, jump over to my friend Kendra's blog, because she's giving away 2 copies of my book today, too!)

So what are some of your favorite books about love??

Hope you all have a very lovely Valentine's Day!

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  1. I love all of Nancy tillman's books! They are excellent.

  2. I also love all the Nancy Tillman books. I couldn't get through any of them without breaking down in tears reading them to my first son.

  3. Love Your Forever is probably my favorite :)

  4. Great list of books! We have most, but there are some I am going to look for to put on our bookshelf.

  5. "On the night you were born" is another good one but we love the "stinky face" series!

  6. I love you through and through. It was my oldest daughter's favorite

  7. My very favorite children's book about love is "I Love You As Much" by Laura Krauss Melmed. A simple, beautiful text and gorgeous illustrations.

  8. I don't remember books from my childhood, but I love to read I Love You as Much... by Laura Krauss Melmed to my kids...the only problem is that I get so choked up reading it :-) (I'm getting choked up just writing this and thinking about it now!)

  9. About love would be Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney. Their all time favorite is Goodnight Moon though :)

  10. Bah, I don't do IG.
    My favorite book was pat the bunny, that is the only one I remember anyhow. My best friend gave me a devotional this year and it is soft to the touch, I am still that tactile girl from my childhood. lol

  11. On the Night you were Born is a favorite of mine and my daughter loves Snuggle Puppy

  12. The Velveteen Rabbit. I never could read it to my children without crying.

  13. Wonderful list! I am not a fan of Love You Forever. I have a very controlling mother-in-law so mother crawling through adult son's window does creep me out!


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