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Thursday, February 13, 2014

He is that kind of father

When I wrote yesterday about Evan's role in caring for Brenna's skin and hair, I admit I did not at all expect such a huge reaction.

There have been so many comments and messages about what an incredibly caring father he must be. I was brought to tears from one person who said he would probably be the one who would be "fussing over Brenna's hair on her wedding day." Oh, the thoughts of Evan and Brenna on her wedding day just make me cry all over again right now.

And while yesterday's post needs no follow-up because his tremendous love is completely summed up there, I want to affirm that yes, that is exactly the kind of father he is, all of the time.

He is the kind of father who calls on his lunch break to hear his kids' voices, who arranges his schedule so that he can eat lunch on Parents Day at 10:30 a.m. at Connor's preschool, who has made it to a large percentage of doctors appointments so that he is educated about Brenna's health care and can be an advocate for her.

He is the kind of father who truly looks forward to the nightly tradition of reading books and cuddling with his daughter after bath time.

He is the kind of father who asks his son to help him with projects around the house, even though that means stopping to help Connor and to explain tools and methods to him, which makes the project twice as long to complete.

And he's the kind of father who supports me 100% and asks how he can help me at home and insists that I take a quiet bubble bath or run errands by myself when I need a break.

I don't blog about Evan as much because I'm not his voice. I share my stories because they are my own… but today, I want to share some of these stories that are his. Because we love Daddy very much, and we are grateful for the father that he is to our family.


  1. Wonderful. So glad that you have such a great husband and the kids such an amazing father.

  2. You are so blessed to have such an amazing husband and father to these precious little angels. Much love to you and the family. may God continue to bless you and the family.

  3. Aww… he seems an absolute sweetheart! My own father was a "New Man" before the term had even been invented. I remember - far too many years ago to mention - him getting home from work, dropping his briefcase in the hall and coming straight upstairs to do the bedtime story for my sister and me, complete with voices, before he'd even had so much as a sit-down with a cup of tea. I also remember when I was four, my mother had to go into hospital for surgery. She was in for a few days, and my father was at home looking after the five of us (I am the youngest). The hospital was very close to our home, so my father would get us bathed, into our pajamas, and walk us over to see my mother for a bedtime story and kiss. Aah, heartwarming memories...

    FYI - I tried the Spag Bol recipe you posted a couple of days ago, and it got thumbs up from everyone, even my hubby who isn't a huge fan of spag bol. I think I might reduce the sugar slightly next time, and I had to make a swap of the celery for mushrooms (bought the wrong ingredient!). You posted both tomato juice in the ingredients and tomato sauce in the method - which one did you mean? Anyway, it was delish - thanks for posting!!
    ~ Rachel ~

  4. You are such an amazing family! Always there for each other. I look forward to your posts!

  5. This is by far a great post!! I also never speak in a post from Dads point of view or feelings, and its exactly the reason you stated. However, I make it my business to share Im not in this journey alone.

  6. Omg some how guys are cuter when they have kids around!

  7. Such a sweet post. Your words, those precious photos... so touching.


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