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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Moo-ving Pasture for Our Little Cow

What do you get when Step2 offers you a sweet new ride and the request to do something "creative" with it?

Some cut-outs of the wagon box and a lot of white spray paint...

 And the cutest cow you've ever seen!

We've had Brenna's Halloween costume planned for a while, as it's a hand-me-down from her brother and I think it's so adorable. So the offer of a wagon got our wheels turning (get it?), and my farm boy husband worked hard to turn Brenna's new transportation into a cow pasture!

(We actually decided to remove the canopy top in order to complete our vision...but I have to say that is a feature I am thrilled about.)

These digs are complete with a trough filled with grassy feeds to delight any bovine creature.

And this is excellent timing because I just got an email yesterday from Step2 that their wagons are an additional 10% off through October 17 - just use code S2WGN10. I checked 'em out and some even have free shipping right now! (I highly encourage you to sign up for Step2 emails - they don't clog up your email everyday like a lot of companies, and they really just send emails to alert you to great sales, free shipping and other deals.)

So if you see us moo-ving down the street in our pasture on Halloween night, I hope you are so moo-ved to say hello!


  1. Love it and she looks so cute in it..

  2. Love it and she looks so cute in it..

  3. Brenna is so adorable! This is great!

  4. Brenna is so adorable! This is great!

  5. That is just too mooing cute!!!
    Susan from Carefree

  6. Brenna, you have moo-spots like Cozy Carver! They look moooovelous on you! Have fun, cutie-pie! Love and hugs.

  7. This is so precious!!

  8. GOT MILK so CUTE,

  9. oh my heart! she is the cutest little moo cow i've ever seen! she looks like she's loving it, actually!

  10. beautiful Brenna,

  11. That is a great idea! How adorable is she??? She looks like she is having the time of her life! It's great that Stepup2 is such a great company! They are definitely a company that makes me want to do business with them! I have another little one on the way so I'm checking out this deal!


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