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Monday, February 4, 2013

Connor's Weekend

This past weekend was dubbed Connor's Weekend. And it was nothing short of perfection.

When Evan told me that our friend was coordinating with my mom and arranging for us to have a night away with just Connor, I was absolutely thrilled and blown away by her thoughtfulness. The week leading up to our getaway, Connor asked every day if we could go that day. He was so excited.

Our trip took us up to Schaumburg, IL...where our first stop was Legoland!

Think he's having fun? :)

There was a really cool activity room there...and Connor spent a long time at the station where you can build a vehicle and then race it down the track!
The engineers at work...

We also played in a big lego pit building towers...

After Legoland, we drove around the corner for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. Since we had a little wait time for a table, we got to head over to the Disney Store in Woodfield Mall...otherwise known as the most magical store in the world to Connor. Everywhere we turned, there was Cars, Toy Story, Mickey Mouse...everything we saw, Connor would say "I want to get that!" We let him pick out a new Cars toy and he's one happy camper.

Mid-afternoon, we continued our journey to a nearby hotel with an attached waterpark! Connor had been talking about the waterpark ALL week, and it was a dream come true for him.

He could have stayed in the lazy river for hours! We eventually figured out a way for him to ride in his own tube, by sitting on Evan's feet, and he thought that was the coolest thing ever.

That night we ordered pizza, watched Dinosaur Train and just enjoyed our time together. It was our weekend to really give Connor every ounce of our attention and spoil the heck out of him, and we succeeded :) We couldn't have imagined a better time, and we felt so fortunate to get to have that opportunity with our little guy...our little guy who had his world turned upside down when Brenna was born and has reacted with nothing but positive for his sister. He even asked if she could come and said he missed her.

A weekend away from our typical routine also completely re-energized me. I'll admit I've felt a little unmotivated lately in the mom department, and we've been watching too many movies. The freezing temperatures don't help. But I'm ready to rock and roll again as SuperMom :) It was so refreshing to have a break in what can sometimes feel like the monotonous routine of daily life.

Thank you so much, Katie, for allowing us this incredible opportunity to have time away with Connor!

As we were laying down to read before bed on Saturday night at our hotel, Connor remarked out of the blue "Mommy, I'm happy!" It was the best thing I've ever heard :)


  1. If there were a best parents in the world award, you would win!

  2. So glad you got refreshed Super Mom and Super Dad!
    Pete and Judy Olesen

  3. This makes my heart happy.

  4. I love one-on-one time with my 4 kiddos. It makes them so happy and gives me time to shower that one child for a bit. What a great weekend getaway. :) He's adorable.

  5. It would be really easy for him to resent the time and attention Brenna demands,but you two are such wonderful parents and have taught him to share so well! You all needed a break and I'm so glad you had a good time.

  6. Connors comment made me cry. God bleasbyou all

  7. So lovely. Connor is a beautiful little boy, you are great parents :)

  8. What a gift! So glad that you had such a great rejuvenating weekend.

  9. A very special gift, indeed. Warms my heart.

  10. He looks so amazingly happy in every picture - I'm so glad you all got to do that together! Such a precious child.

  11. Your baby is beautiful!! This blog is so wonderfull, you should be very proud of yourselves. I send you all my best wishes from Brasil.


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