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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thursday Thoughts, Vol. 13

Following the insane holiday season, we are now back to our routine and have had several weeks of just pure bliss at home. We've been watching moving, playing games, reading reading and more reading, and enjoying. Here are some updates in our lives...

1. Brenna is up to 16.3 pounds now, and she was putting on SO much weight that we have been told to actually scale back just a little bit with her feedings. Yes, she is too fat! :)

2. I'm trying not to focus too much on word count, but I'm up to 17,000 words in my book now and still on a roll! I am loving the opportunity to document our first year, and I am writing about so many emotions and experiences that I've never even blogged about. It's also inspired me to start working on a couple of children's books that I'm really excited about.

3. DeDe, whose son Evan also has Harlequin, is holding a tshirt sale to benefit FIRST (the Foundation for Ichthyosis and Related Skin Types). FIRST is the only organization in the country that is focused on ichthyosis awareness, outreach and research, and you will definitely see our family sporting these tshirts for all of the kids like Brenna and Evan! Check out her post here for more information and to contact her to order a tshirt.

4. My dad recently celebrated 20 years in business, and our local newspaper wrote a fantastic article about his company, Capitol City Speakers Bureau, over the years. It is because of his company that I have been so inspired by so many of the stories and messages of the speakers that he has worked with - from Zig Ziglar to Larry Winget to Brian Tracy. Congratulations on 20 years of success, Dad!

5. A little video to brighten your day: my big girl showing off her mad jumping skillz. She loves her jumperoo now, and I love that it is working to strengthen her leg muscles and stretch out her hips!

6. Yesterday morning, I thought about that question that asks what you would choose to do if money was of no importance. I suddenly realized that I would choose to be doing exactly what I'm doing right now - being with my kids, passionately writing every chance I get, and doing a little photography on the side.

I have such a feeling of contentment in my life right now - the kind of contentment that I've never recognized before. The kind of contentment that spurs excitement for the future while still embracing each moment of the present. I've been so inspired by life and by my children lately that I'm a writing maniac, jotting down thoughts and words at every opportunity. I look ahead to our unusually full calendar for the spring and summer, and I am excited...excited for new opportunities and excited to enjoy life this year. What an incredible feeling it is to be content.


  1. You are so deserving of contentment! Don't forget that you are the one who got you there. You should be so proud of the attitude and actions you have taken to provide for your family a contented and smiling mama, because everyone around you is benefiting because of it - congrats! :)

  2. Oh my goodness!!! Look at Chubs! LOL When did all that fat happen? I mean, you could see she was getting chubbier all the time but WOW! How stinkin' cute! So great to see her be a happy, bouncy, chunky monkey! She looks soooo happy. Love it!

  3. You DID make our day! We have big smiles on our faces as we watch the video:) When do you think you will have the book published...can hardly wait to get our hands on it!
    Pete and Judy Olesen

  4. Ah I love seeing her bouncing and moving so much! what an amazing change!

  5. Beautiful girl

  6. So happy Brenna is putting on weight! Glad she's growing! And so happy about your writing - cant wait for the books :)
    And most of all - I love that you are feeling such contentment. You are doing amazing things - well done on all of your success.

  7. Oh and that video - so bouncy and happy! Thank you for sharing. What a cutie :)


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