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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Our 6th Annual Christmas Sweater Party

There's going to be a whole lotta Christmas on the blog this week, because we've had an absolutely wonderful Christmas season and I want to remember every.single.thing!

Aside from company and organization holiday parties, our Christmas season always really starts with our Annual Christmas Sweater Party. When Evan and I got married, sweater parties were the latest trend, so we decided to host one at our new house. We've done it every year now, and every year, the outfits get crazier. It's evolved from a sweater party to a merriest-Christmas-ensemble-you-can-create celebration. Among notable outfits this year were a red thermal long underwear suit and the exact replica of Cousin Eddie's outfit from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation...moose glass and all.

This year was a bit different as we decided to make our annual get-together a family affair. So many of our friends have had babies this year, so it was only natural to not have to worry about babysitters and instead let all of the babies join in on the fun.
(side note: doesn't Brenna look so fat?! I love it!!)

We were lucky this year because we had a special celebrity appearance...Santa Claus graced us with his presence!

Brenna screams for everyone except her parents...but Santa? Nope! Guess she realized he brings the goods!
"Yes I've been good this year!" :)

Santa was kind enough to bring a little pre-Christmas Day treat for all of the kids. Thank you Santa!

All of the babies were spreading Christmas cheer like never seen before.

The festivities wore them out...

We just had to document the lil elves. Here's all the babies under 1! Brenna was the only one who could sit up, and was looking repeatedly to the left and to the right as if she was thinking "who are these slugs around me? Perk up peeps!"

We love having such a great group of friends who are always up for getting together, and especially now that we have all the adorable kids to make the parties even better!


  1. Oh my goodness look at her rolly little self and her blue eyes are stunning!

  2. Haha. Maybe she was nervous because she thought she was part of a criminal lineup of "who stole the cookies?!" With those cheeks, she is GUILTY! :) How adorable!

  3. Our first daughter had the biggest cheeks like Brenna. I love em!

  4. Love all the babies. Brenna is beautiful!

  5. They're all adorable but of course, Brenna's the star! Though I do like the baby Santa outfit next to her. And the elves. And the other baby, too. Oh, heck, they're all cute!

  6. You are such a wonderful family for all youve been through i would love to meet you all.iam so glad that Brenna is still with you she is a doll and your little boy is so handsome.I wish you happiness alwaysand love.

  7. Bad bad sweaters! Looks like fun!


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