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Monday, December 17, 2012

Brenna's First Birthday Party!

Before Brenna was even born, I began pinning birthday theme ideas on Pinterest, and I fell in love with the Very Hungry Caterpillar. As I started to plan for her party months ago, I was set on this theme for, which seems very appropriate now too, as she has become our beautiful butterfly!

Yesterday, we celebrated Brenna's first birthday (which is actually the 19th) with an open house birthday bash at our church, inviting all family, friends, Brenna's doctors and nurses and members of the community who have shared this journey with us over the past year. There were the same faces that were present almost a year ago for Brenna's prayer service, but this time, we were celebrating with joyful hearts at this big milestone.

Brenna absolutely loved seeing all of the people and kept reaching out to try to grab everyone!
The details of the day:
Our Hungry Caterpillar cupcakes, created by Evan's Uncle Steve, who has a cake business.

I found Hungry Caterpillar buckets in the dollar spot at Target - score! We used them to make centerpieces with Brenna's pictures for all the tables.

The food was amazing! Arena Food Service created the menu for us with food based on the food in the book eaten by the caterpillar, and I made signs to go along with it.

Godmother Kristin created a cute balloon caterpillar on the wall :)

Brenna looked adorable in her caterpillar birthday outfit! (which, as you can see, was a bit snug as she has been putting on weight like crazy!) Birthday shirt and matching ruffle pants made by our friend and neighbor Lauren, who has a business called Little Lola's Lovelies.

We welcomed family and friends for the entire duration of the two-hour party, and it was a great flow of people. It was so wonderful to introduce Brenna to so many who hadn't yet met her in person.

Connor and some of his cousins!

Brenna's birthday buddy! Levi was born just a few hours before Brenna...I went to high school with both of Levi's parents.

Evan's parents

Our family

Brenna opened presents from Grandma and her cousins right after the party (of course she was most impressed with the tissue paper and ribbon!)...and then both kids crashed out for two hours. What a special day!
Thank you to all who came to help us celebrate yesterday - and for everyone who helped us put the party together! We couldn't have asked for a more perfect 1st birthday celebration for our beautiful butterfly :)


  1. The party turned out perfect- what a great theme! I am sorry that my schedule couldn't work around it. I really wanted to come. :( I hope to see you'll soon!

  2. What a wonderful theme for a first birthday party! Great job. I am so glad that Brenna enjoyed her first birthday and especially that she is gaining more weight:) Happy 1st Birthday, Brenna!!

  3. What a great theme!!!
    Happy Birthday, Brenna!!!
    Hugs 'n Love!
    Carefree, AZ

  4. What a fantastic party theme for the birthday babe!! Lucyana (and Dec. 19 baby) had her party yesterday too. What a magical time of year for everyone. So glad she's growing and glowing!! : )

  5. That was supposed to say "another Dec. 19 baby)- oops!

  6. love her outfit, what a perfect theme for a growing butterfly.
    happy birthday, b, and congrats to all the Westlakes on surviving what will hopefully be the toughest year ever. praying for smooth sailing from here on out!

  7. Saw you on WAND late last night, looking good.

    The birthday girl had zonked out, though.

    Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas !!

  8. Brenna you are so cute and loveable i wish i could meet you in person . you have a very nice family i can tell you are truly loved. I wish for you love and happiness the rest of your life.HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you.

  9. Dear Brenna
    Hip hip hooray! It's your first birthday!
    I remember when I first read your blog, and I saw you were in so much pain. You were only a few weeks old. I told your parents that I also have Ichthyosis and while the condition is difficult, I know you'll be ok.'
    I am so glad you've been able to celebrate your first birthday - it looks like a fun party! And I love your little caterpillar outfit, cake and wall art. My mum made me a caterpillar cake for my third birthday. I was a very hungry caterpillar! I am also glad you're growing big and strong - those cheeks and that tummy are so cute!
    Keep smiling beautiful girl,
    Love from Carly in Australia

  10. So glad you all had a great day. You deserve it!! Happy (early) Birthday pretty girl!! :-)

  11. Well, little Miss Chubby Cheeks is looking chubby all over. Hurray! She looks great and so happy.

    Glad she and everyone enjoyed her party.

    Happy Birthday to a precious little girl!

  12. Looks like you all had a great time! Happy Birthday to Brenna and may she enjoy her childhood to the fullest!

  13. What an amazing party! I am praying for Brenna- I became aware of her through the today show's sorry about the tinysuperheroes! God bless your family!!


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