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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thursday Thoughts, Vol. 12

Two exciting things going on this week...

1. The Children's Miracle Network Radiothon begins today, and tomorrow you'll get to hear the Westlake crew on the radio live!

Tune in FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 16 at 8:30 a.m. to WDBR 103.7FM to listen to our live interview as we talk about our family's story and the care Brenna has received at St. John's Children's Hospital!

In just six years, the radiothon has raised more than $575,000 for St. John's, and last night I was reading about some of the purchases that money has help make for the hospital - things like bottle warmers for the NICU, baby bouncy seats, recliners for the NICU, equipment for neonatal least half of the things on the list have been used by our family at some point during Brenna's first year of life! (And let me tell you, without the bouncy seats to calm Brenna, those nurses would have been in for a treat :) )

I hope you all tune in to listen today and tomorrow! And thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you who have already or will be making donations in Brenna's name to the Children's Hospital.

2. Secondly, I'm so excited to announce that Blessed by Brenna has a new design! We have a new background scheme, a new header with adorable photos of the star of the show, and there is also a new sidebar button where you can connect with our Blessed by Brenna Facebook page, follow me on Pinterest or add Blessed by Brenna to your blogroll - which I highly encourage you to do! :) I'm a big fan of Google Reader, but there are several other readers, and it's a great way to keep up on your favorite blogs.... and now it's easy to add Blessed by Brenna to your reader!

And if you're reading this in a reader now, I hope you'll click over to the homepage to see our new design! (oh and I also added a "Contact" tab at the top with all of the different ways you can find me, so you don't have to hunt me down through the blog comments anymore.)

Happy Thursday :)


  1. The new design is awesome! The colors and fonts are lovely and easy on the eyes, it isn't too busy, navigation is simple, and I love how Brenna's name in the masthead feeds right into a photo of the gorgeous girl. Good for you. I look forward to coming here one day and reading about your book deal.

  2. I love seeing the 3 pictures of Brenna at the top of the new design and how much she has grown and changed.

  3. Did you make the new design? Wanna do mine?! :) I need an overhaul... You could make it a side-business!

  4. Love your new design and most of all Brenna's pictures

  5. I love the new layout!! I like seeing the progressive photos at the top showing how far Brenna has come! She is a cutie:)

  6. I have always heard the CMN Radiothon, but have never given. Today, I was driving home to pick up my kids and trying to imagine being in the situations I was hearing. Due to many factors, not the least of which was reading your post yesterday, I called and made a donation. Thank you!


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