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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thursday Thoughts, Vol. 11

What's new with us...

1. It's been a little quiet around the blog this week because we're getting ready for some very special visitors tomorrow! Here's a hint...and you can expect some crazy cuteness coming your way in the form of photos this weekend :)

2. I ventured out with both kids to Hobby Lobby yesterday. It was the second time ever that I've taken both of them to the store. (I've been very lucky with aunts willing to stay home with Brenna!) It went well, but the place was PACKED. Holiday shopping season has officially begun it seems, and I'm not a fan of the crowds...

3. Planning for Brenna's first birthday party is in full swing, and I am so excited!

4. The increased dryness as the weather gets colder is not something I would typically notice, but we can see a huge difference in Brenna's skin. Her humidifier is now running like crazy in her room, so hopefully we can adapt and keep her comfortable.
Happily soaking in the tub!

5. Two of our favorite nurses were the feature story for Springfield's Own magazine this month! Missy and Mindy are twins, and we were so fortunate to have both of them caring for Brenna during her NICU stay. Go here to read the article.

6. We're starting services with Early Intervention so that we can start working on development and therapy in our home. We've had some great evaluations and are even seeing some improvements in Brenna's motor skills after just following a few simple suggestions. She has about a 50% delay in both fine and gross motor skills - which is no surprise because of how restricting her skin is! So I'm really looking forward to working with her more on developing the muscles in her legs and shoulders and opening her hands wider so that she can do as much as she wants to and eventually run around with her brother :)

7. It was a rough transition...but we are officially swaddle-free! Raise the roof for that.
Is she not the cutest lil punkin when she's sleeping?

8. And finally, my best friend - and Brenna's godmother - is in labor with her first baby! We're going to get to meet a new little friend today, and I am SO EXCITED I can hardly keep from getting teary-eyed :) 

Happy Thursday!


  1. She is SO adorable!!! Keep doing what you're doing!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pic of her sleeping!!! She is beautiful and looks so peaceful :)

  3. My friend is sleeping better this week... knowing that her child with a pre-existing health condition can not be denied insurance and/or have existing insurance cancelled!

  4. Her skin is looking really good! COngrats on everything, I'm glad that things are going better you and your family.

  5. It seriously makes me tear up to see Brenna so happy/moving around/doing so well. What an incredible difference from three months ago when I saw her in August. So excited you've got therapy that comes to the house, can't wait to see how she continues to progress!

  6. Could she possible be any cuter???? And I love reading such positive updates! Sounds like you guys are doing well!

  7. Wonderful pictures and great post! Brenna looks so beautiful and Connor is so fun to watch, too. I was taking a walk today, and admiring the gorgeous fall weather - and it popped into my mind that Brenna is almost one. This is the effect that your blog and your family have produced - daily prayers and pure joy for a family we have never met - but hold dear in our hearts. Stay strong and faithful! I am sure it is sometimes frustrating not to be working outside the home - but you are doing incredible things inside the home - that ripple outside - in ways only God truly knows. But they are great and powerful ripples!!

  8. She looks so adorable and so happy!! So glad she is doing better. God Bless your family!

  9. I have five boys and finally with my fifth son I was told a baby who sleeps with their arms up as Brenna is in the picture is a healthy baby!!! She is such a little dolly.... beautiful

  10. OMG so cute. You have an adorable family ;)

  11. I was taking a walk today, and admiring the gorgeous fall weather - and it popped into my mind that Brenna is almost one.


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