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Friday, November 30, 2012

For Me Friday: Toddler activities - cars

We have a little guy who is flat-out obsessed with all things cars. Of course, he prefers the actual Cars characters, but really any car will do. So I've been incorporating cars into some activities and art projects for him, and he's been so excited by all the cars things we've been doing.

Here are some of our favorites:

1. Tire track painting! Connor is OK with free painting, but throw in a couple of cars with the paints, and he's good to go for up to an hour! (tip: don't use any cars that aren't easy to clean) I set out a paper plate with several different blobs of paint colors and then he dips the cars into them to make tire track paintings.

2. I've blogged about this before, but had to include it into our cars-themed activity post too. Duct tape road! Again, this provided hours of entertainment for about 3 minutes of work on my part, and really no mess because when I wanted it gone, I just lifted it off the carpet and it left no residue for me.

3. Make your own gas station. I got the idea from this blog that I follow, which has some great ideas for projects to do at home with kids. We used a Cheerios cereal box and taped some paper on it. Connor decorated the front and then I put a pipe cleaner out the side, and Connor strung pieces of straw to it to create the gas pump.
Then I also had him decide which prices the gasoline and allinol (the alternative fuel from Cars 2 of course!) should sell for. (Though at $4 and $5 a gallon, I'm not sure we'll be getting many customers anytime soon :) )

Then he had fun pretending to fill all his cars, choosing between gas and allinol each time.

4. Parking lot learning. I found this on Pinterest (from this blog) a while ago, and finally made time to re-create it! I simply took a large piece of white cardstock and drew parking lot lines. Then in each spot, I put a shape, number, letter or simple word. When I read off those items, Connor would have to park the car in the correct spot. It was really cute to see him do.

5. Cars comparing and learning. It's not a organized project or activity, but sometimes during "free play" with his cars, I'm also trying to keep him learning. He loves to talk about his cars, so we'll talk about their names and what letters they start with, I'll ask him who's bigger between two or three different cars, we'll group the blue cars versus the red cars versus the green cars. My best friend Kristin is a former preschool teacher and gave me lots of ideas about how to incorporate Connor's interests into daily learning!

If you have any ideas for other vehicle-themed activities, I'd love to hear them!


  1. Can't wait to do some of these things with my lil Ev-man!! :-)

  2. Aldi has a Cars table w/ 2 chairs set for $24.99 right now! Saw it there this morning.

  3. I thought my 2 year olds (nearly 3) obsession with all things cars and vehicles was bordering unhealthy, but it seems it's very common/'normal'!

  4. Looks like he's getting long--like his Daddy!

  5. I wonder if Conner will have a career in The motor industry when he grows up?! He can look back on this blog to see where it all started!

    I'd love to see more of YOU on the "For me Fridays" series :) what are your passions, what do you do in the down time, how are you relaxing and taking care of you?

    1. And I'm sorry , I should have typed Connor.

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