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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Being intentional with my mornings

Without being intentional and organized, it's pretty easy, as a mom, to tread water every day without making an traction. You keep up with the laundry, the dishes, the kids' everyday needs and your social schedule...and the weeks fly by without you accomplishing much else.

I definitely have those days where I'm glad just to have made it through the day, let alone have gotten any anything done around the house. But lately, I've been attempting to be more organized personally in order to accomplish other goals in my life now without sacrificing my top priorities of being a wife and mom.

Recently, I've been purposing to get up earlier in the morning. I've noticed I really don't feel any differently throughout the day whether I get up a half hour or hour earlier, so I will myself out of my cozy bed and immediately feel better about the whole day (thankfully I'm a morning person anyway!). When I'm up early, I can shower and get completely ready, get a few things done around the house or work on a blog post before the kids even wake up. It completely changes my day, and I'm not left scrambling to even just finish breakfast while trying to get both kids ready in the morning too. (It has also been immensely helpful that Brenna is sleeping much better at night right now!)

I've been really mulling over my important roles lately and some short-term and long-term goals I want to accomplish. I'm very excited about some writing projects I have going on right now - some guest blog posts in the works, an e-book that I hope to release in the spring (it's photography-related, so break out your cameras, moms!) and the biggest project of all - my Blessed by Brenna book.

Writing a book has been a huge change from my usual writing exercises. In journalism school, we are taught to be precise and to choose only the most important facts to report on. Word count and space is a big deal. With a book, I have to continually remind myself that I can be as wordy as needed to tell the story. 

So far, I have about 7,500 words down, and although it's still not much, I'm excited about the content I do have already. I had to set the whole project aside when we were struggling with Brenna's feeding issues and sickness in the late summer and early fall, but I've been making time now to work on it again.

I'm so excited about some of these new ventures. But I'm not going to put my kids on the backburner for them. So I've loved recently being able to get up early to complete tasks around the house or respond to emails so that during naptimes, I can work on some of these new challenges. It's definitely given me a lot of fulfillment in addition to being mom and wife!


  1. That is great. I am SO NOT a morning person. :( And having 4 kids and being a homeschooler, being a morning person would be such a plus! I just got off the phone with my husband, telling him that I am lucky to accomplish school, dishes, and laundry each day of the week. Leaves room for a lot of stress and a feeling of lackluster. Stupid cozy bed! Lol

  2. I'm weird in the way that I can stay up really late & get up really early and be fine the whole day!

  3. You've got the talent to write an amazing and inspiring book. I'm so excited to read that you're working on it. Hooray for you!

  4. Once children are in school you will have more time.... you think they will be babies forever and then next thing you know they are waving goodbye from school bus!

  5. A book or two. Can't wait to read them.


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