Brenna’s Bathroom Reveal!

When we bought our new house this past summer, there were several areas we wanted to remodel right away, before we moved in, and one of those overhauls was a bathroom renovation for Brenna.

Our new home had enough bedrooms for us to be able to convert one to an on-suite bathroom for Brenna, with the rest of the space becoming a second floor laundry room (and the laundry room that was on the first story became an office space.) It was challenging to completely envision what this major change would look like, but we couldn’t be happier with the outcome!

First day of renovations – knocking down the wall between the two bedroomscIMG_4370

 And the space today! (yes we’re still in the process of painting trim/doors…and no, Brenna doesn’t have a door to her closet. It would just get in the way :) )


We spend a lot of time in this space, and we feel so fortunate that we were able to incorporate so much of what we had been dreaming about in a bathroom space for our girl.

Welcome to Brenna’s new bathroom!cIMG_7336

We went with a light lime green on the walls and lots of white…because white can be cleaned easily with bleach. There is not a lot of stuff in her bathroom either (decor, etc), which makes it easier to keep clean.

The one thing missing is a shower curtain. I have it purchased because I found one I LOVE…but right now, it would just be in the way of our daily baths. So it will go up in a few years :)cIMG_7316

The highlight of Brenna’s bathroom is our MicroSilk tub. It has changed our bath routine in so many ways, but one of those major ways is that it has basically transformed bath time from a fighting, screaming two-man job, to a playful, enjoyable one-man job. Evan and I are able to trade off bath duty, depending on the day’s obligations, which has been a huge relief for us.


There is a single jet in our tub that releases tiny micro-air bubbles. It makes the water look foggy, instead of bubbly like traditional jets. The way this air bubble technology works is that it is small enough to get into your skin to moisturize it. And in Brenna’s case, it helps the top layers of excess skin exfoliate much easier.


 It is also brother-approved.cIMG_7331

Another must for Brenna’s bathroom is a heated towel rack! Something simple that makes a world of difference.


With the switch of a button on top, she’s able to cuddle in a nice warm towel after bath time while we scoop skin out of her ears and begin to apply her Aquaphor (which we also keep in a warmer.) cIMG_7340

And for the fun stuff: bathroom decor!

The minute that I found this adorable online shop Uh Oh Pasghettio, I knew some of their prints would be going up in our new house. Their prints are so cute, bright, encouraging and positive!

The wonderful people of Uh Oh Pasghettio customized a couple of their existing prints so that they would match Brenna’s bathroom perfectly, and I am absolutely in love with the lime greens and purples they created for us. (the bathroom lighting was hard to work with, so I feel like these pictures don’t do it justice, but the prints are just such a pop of color and are perfect for the space. And I got the white frames from Ikea.)cIMG_7310


I love these encouraging words that Brenna will grow up seeing every day.cIMG_7313

Our light fixture is from Restoration Hardware, and we actually stole it from my parents’ house when they bought it for a room they didn’t end up using it for :)cIMG_7307And last but definitely not least… the cutest and possibly most awesome part of Brenna’s bathroom…

The Tiny Toilet!!cIMG_7324

We decided to get a toddler-sized toilet for Brenna, to encourage her independence as she begins to potty-train. She is so short and is still working on motor skills that most kids her age have mastered, so we felt a small toilet would really aid her in going to the bathroom herself. Climbing up onto a standard toilet won’t be a reality for at least several years, and she feels so proud when she’s sitting up on her potty like a big girl. She’s so small that her feet still don’t touch the floor when she’s sitting on it, and she still has trouble getting onto it by herself, so it will be a long time before she outgrows this one. (Of course we’ll get a standard toilet when she’s older and taller.)


We are thrilled that Brenna now has her own personal space, easing some stress on us now, and providing a comfortable, private area for her to complete all of her skin care on her own when she’s older!

Spinnin’ and Cruisin’ with Step2

Hold up.

Stop the shopping. Put the pedal to the metal.

Before you step one foot into the stores to hunt for a Christmas gift for your vehicle-crazed child, CHECK OUT THIS AWESOMENESS!cIMG_7288

I don’t think Santa even needs to stop by our house this year because the Step2 Spin & Go Xtreme Cruiser 12-Volt Battery-Powered Ride-On has already given us enough excitement for one season!

The Spin and Go Cruiser is a super incredible, limited toy out this season available online at Walmart! It’s for ages 4 to 8, and let me tell you that we had to let Connor have a go at it while Brenna was napping because she wants to drive this thing so bad, she can hardly handle it.cIMG_7293

The cruiser has two speeds, a moderate speed and a faster one, and the two joysticks give ultimate control to the driver. It took Connor a minute to get the hang of it, but he had a good pit crew helping.


Zero-turn capabilities mean that my kid was spinning himself in circles until he was making me dizzy just watching.cIMG_7296

Evan said it was really easy to put together, and it seems extremely durable from our rides around the block. Despite the cold, we couldn’t get Connor out of it. Such an exciting, adventurous gift!


Definitely no need to battle the crowds this Black Friday, after you pick up this dream car online. You’re welcome :)


Post-Surgery Updates

I’ll be honest that one of the things I was most dreading about Brenna’s surgery was the pre-surgery ban on eating and drinking.

She woke up the day of surgery demanding summer sausage, one of her usual requests, and asked for food several more times during the check-in process, but thankfully was easily distracted. The surgery center was actually running a touch early, which was a nice change from typical medical schedules!

And the morning was made better by getting to play with…Little People!IMG_7445.JPG

They gave her “giggle juice” before the procedure to relax her, and we couldn’t help but laugh at the way she went from a solid-sitting, normal-behaving girl to a loopy, smiley little thing :) I practically had to toss her over my shoulder to carry her to the operating area and she gazed off into the distance, smiling, when I laid in on her bed. So funny to see her acting like a drunken sailor.

The surgery wasn’t the easiest our surgeon has performed, due to the way Brenna’s eyes were stitched during her last eye surgery, but it went well, without complication.

We were a little nervous about her coming out of anesthesia, after we had a huge scare with her g-tube surgery, and when it was taking a little longer for her to wake up than the nurse would have liked, she went to get the anesthesiologist, who loudly barked “HELLO!!!” at Brenna, causing her eyes to fly open, as she stretched and announced “all done night night!”

For most of the day, Brenna either slept or wanted to rock and cuddle with Mommy, including a half hour of singing the same song over and over. Mommy was pretty much willing to do whatever it took to keep her girl happy :) She was super groggy and worn out, though thankfully did not seem too uncomfortable or wanting to mess with her eyes.IMG_7447.JPG

Then in the late afternoon, a switch turned, and Brenna became her energetic, sassy self again. Her eyes looked absolutely fantastic, with very little redness or other noticeable effects, and she was completely back to her usual behavior for the rest of the evening. We gave her pain meds for the first 24 hours, just to preemptively keep any discomfort at bay, and are giving her antibiotic eye drops 3 times a day. No eye patches, no overnight hospital stay, nothing else!

And I have to say… I have a love-hate relationship with Brenna’s g-tube. It’s getting to the point now where I think she would do fine without it, but every time we encounter a medical issue and we need to use it, I’m so grateful it’s there. I know she would have been OK later in the day, but in the morning and early afternoon when she all but refused to eat or drink, we were able to tube-feed some meat, yogurt, scrambled eggs and veggies into her belly and give her some nutrients and fluids she needed. We haven’t used her tube (except for the occasional medicine) since June, but using it post-surgery meant there was one more less to worry about as she recovered from her procedure, and for that, I say “hook it up.”

We are thankful for your prayers and positive thoughts and messages…we are so glad that everything went well, and we are hopeful that the surgery was success! We have a follow-up appointment with the eye surgeon this week, so we’ll find out more then!